Basic H 2S Training

This programme is designed to address the basic training requirements for personnel working in an environment that could become contaminated by H2S gas.

Course level: Basic.
Teaching language: Russian.
Course objective: Obtaining practical skills in detecting and measuring the level of gas leak and emergency response in case of gas leak detection.

Course content:

  • Hydrogen sulphide – how it is formed and where it is found.
  • Other names used to describe H2S.
  • Properties of H2S.
  • PPM (parts per million) as a measurement parameter.
  • Physiological effects of H2S.
  • Different methods of H2S measurement and detection.
  • Types of respiratory equipment.
  • Role of emergency party in case of H2S emission.
  • Responding to an alarm.
  • Methods of protection against H2S including use of respiratory equipment and escape breathing apparatuses.
  • Importance of right choice of mask.