Course level       advanced

Teaching language  Russian, English

Course objective                  Acquiring knowledge and skills in operation and maintenance of power plant control and protection controller and computer systems on the basis of real power plant equipment and typical controllers DEIF PPM3DG and PPM3EDG. Gaining skills in use of DEIF PPM3 Utility Software for power plant control and protection parameters configuration.

Course content

  • Basic technical and additional requirements for ship’s computer systems. Integrated control systems
  • Power management and protection system DEIF PPM3 arrangement and components. Communication protocols. Control block selection
  • Use of diesel-generator display and computer for parameters setting and adjustment, selecting menu, messages and LED state analysis, access level configuration
  • System control functions execution check when semiauto and auto control mode in normal and emergency conditions, including blackout
  • Setting and execution check of following functions: synchronizing; active and reactive load sharing; standby setting; fuel consumption optimization; heavy consumers control
  • Setpoints setting and functions execution check of emergency diesel generator in test, semiauto and auto modes. Emergency diesel generator operation in harbour mode
  • Shaft generator control functions configuration and check. Transferring from shaft genegator to diesel generator, shaft generator operation in motor mode
  • Power plant operation in “ship to ship” mode. Busbar control

Entry requirements  All course participants must have marine engineering education and practical shipboard experience

Number of participants    4-6

Course duration  2 working days